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One such property type that many people are unfamiliar with is a planned unit development (pud). If you were driving around in your car looking at houses, you would almost definitely not be able to distinguish a regular single-family home from a PUD.

From my high-level understanding of Condos, the resident has fee simple ownership of his/her unit, and has undivided interest in the common areas. Whereas in a PUD, the difference is that the resident has a defined percentage interest in the common areas (does this mean an owner cashes out on the % of common area when selling his/her unit?).

9 PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENTS AND CONDOMINIUMS 9-0 PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT (PUD) A PUD is defined as a mixed-use residential development of single-family dwellings in conjunction with rental, condominium, cooperative or town house properties. A residential development should be processed as a PUD if it has these minimum characteristics:

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What is the difference between a condominium, cooperative apartment, tenancy in common (TIC), and a planned-unit development (PUD)? As we will see. Because there is usually a master mortgage on the.

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If you’re thinking of buying or renting a townhouse or condominium, there are some important differences between the two that you should know about. We’ve put together a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision before you buy. Townhouse vs. Condo

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